Thursday, February 19, 2015

Emmett Savage

we have FINALLY decided on a name.  not having a name from the get-go was a little nerve racking this time around, along with everything else we had going on.  Matt and I couldn't agree on what we liked, and we didn't love any of our list of names we could agree on.

we have to upgrade our vehicle since 3 car seats won't fit in our Outback, which made me sad :(  I love my car and will be sad to give it up.  Matt really wanted to get a minivan, but I really didn't want a minivan.  I think he was having a hard time finding an SUV that would work for us, so he came up with a compromise: if I agreed to a minivan we could use my name choice... so I agreed.  I can always ditch it after we don't have car seats anymore! ;)
I'm looking forward to meeting our newest little guy, and the boys talk about the new baby a lot so I think they're excited, too :)