Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Red Ranger Ray Guns is having a coloring competition - it ends today so if you're interested hurry and get your kiddos coloring! I knew Leo wouldn't color and paint on it since everything goes in his mouth, so I printed the picture off and "laminated" it with contact paper and let Leo go crazy at lunch on it. he had more food on him and the rest of his chair than the place mat, but it was fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

onesie to t-shirt

I stopped liking onesies when Leo outgrew them really fast. we could make them snap, but he'd get that really low neckline even though it wasn't that much of a stretch to get it to fit together at the bottom. once he got to the size that he could wear t-shirts(why can't they make them in smaller sizes??) it was so much easier to dress him and keep his clothes clean without doing so much laundry - don't have to change the shirt when a diaper leaks. a lot of his stuff is still the snaps, so I went looking and found this tutorial on fixing that and it worked great! I'm not good enough to get it done in 5 minutes like she was, but I think I managed in 10.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more fun with a dapping block

I found a round box clasp with green acrylic gemstone in it. I thought it'd be perfect for a domed bottle cap... and I was right! I used a Henry Weinhard's soda cap for the clasp insert and some recycled saddle leather for the band.

I'm really pleased with how it came out :)

more of Leo's cards

father's day sorta sneaked up on me. I made cards yesterday to send out today! hopefully they all get there in time. I got my brown card stock and green paper at Hobby Lobby (on sale :D) and after combing the store... twice!, I found the little gears and sprockets. I didn't think those would be as hard to find as they were. I was hoping to find some stickers or something, but I had my mind set on these so metal was gonna hafta do. I hope I don't find them all in my mailbox marked as "un-sendable" or something.

I don't know where I got this font (nope, it's not stamped!) but I love it :) I'm not much of a stamper - I don't often use the same designs twice so stamps don't make sense for me to have - and I'm so prone to just print something off. I also love textured paper. this is leftover cotton paper I used for my wedding invitations forever ago! can't see it in the picture, but it's got a subtle weave to it. I use it whenever I'm making cards.. and I make a lot of cards, but somehow after 100+ invitations and 7 years worth of cards and crafts I still have 1/4 of a ream left!

Monday, June 6, 2011

this past weekend

for my birthday I asked Matt to get me a dapping block... and he did :) I found a small wood one at Hobby Lobby for $8.
I have a container full of bottle caps I've collected from the various soda we've tried (there's a place where you can buy it by the bottle and make your own variety 6-pack.. it's pretty cool) so I cut a couple down into small circles and domed them with my new block and made me some rings like these :)
the bike one is from my last birthday, I think. my in-laws brought over some beer for our last backyard movie night, so that's the only place I can think I got it from! I love the colors, though.

and speaking of birthdays and movie nights...
I wanted to do another backyard movie - this year it was ghostbusters! I haven't seen that in sooo long. it was a lot of fun :) I made Ecto Cooler punch from a recipe I found online.

the drink was a hit! I even did the little Slimer picks like the girls did in their video. I also made a trap out of a shoe box and put a push light in it, and drew ghosts on balloons and put them around the house.
I can't wait until Leo is old enough for themed parties! until then, I guess I'll get them :P