Friday, February 26, 2010

I am super sensitive when it comes to spinning. I used to be able to handle all the spinning rides at Six Flags and they were actually my favorites.
my dad would get sick easy on them and I always thought that was odd, then one day I couldn't handle them anymore :( I rode some roller coaster with a few spiral loops in it and nearly lost it. I tend to black out on them now and then I hafta sit and wait for the nausea to pass afterwards... only to do it again O:) so yeah, I figured this onset of dizziness was just something I got from my dad - which it might be - but apparently is something that can be "cured". so, after reading this article on Yahoo! about how ice skaters don't get dizzy, I've decided to try and "get used to it".

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

straw shrimp

make cute shrimp from a drinking straw! who comes up with this stuff?!

Friday, February 12, 2010


got some more snow - rebuilt the snowman and then made a toilet.
I didn't think I could sit on it safely, so I decided throwing up was good enough.

I like the face Matt's snowman is making behind me :)
"oh no! are those my eyes and mouth in there??"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

yay snow :)

Matt made me a lil snowman to greet me on my way into work this morning :)
my boss didn't come into work while I was there, so I ran out of things to do and left O:)
I can work any day - how often do we get perfectly sticky awesome snow without it being super cold and windy out??
the answer is never ;)
I eat your nose!
the doggies didn't like the snow, but Roxi is obedient and came to me when I called anyway :P

I've never been able to roll up a snowman before - I got carried away and rolled up most of the yard... then it was too heavy to move!! I had to roll the 2nd part up a couple of hoes layin' around the yard to get it up there. I almost didn't get the head on top! he's already fallen over :( oh well. that's what a slanted yard gets ya.