Thursday, February 11, 2010

yay snow :)

Matt made me a lil snowman to greet me on my way into work this morning :)
my boss didn't come into work while I was there, so I ran out of things to do and left O:)
I can work any day - how often do we get perfectly sticky awesome snow without it being super cold and windy out??
the answer is never ;)
I eat your nose!
the doggies didn't like the snow, but Roxi is obedient and came to me when I called anyway :P

I've never been able to roll up a snowman before - I got carried away and rolled up most of the yard... then it was too heavy to move!! I had to roll the 2nd part up a couple of hoes layin' around the yard to get it up there. I almost didn't get the head on top! he's already fallen over :( oh well. that's what a slanted yard gets ya.

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