Wednesday, December 7, 2011

and he's off!

Leo is finally walking. I've been told for a while now that he takes steps, but I never seem to see him doing it... which is odd being that I'm the one who's around him the most! this morning he finally took off, and he just goes and goes! he can't pick himself back up unless he has something to climb up with, so I've been following him around and picking him back up so he'll keep going O:) my camera battery died (of course!) so while he's napping I'm recharging and hoping to get more video later :) in the meantime, here's the 12 seconds I manged to get.

Friday, December 2, 2011

our lovely car

we tried to go to the park after Thanksgiving and swing... but it was too cold, so we went muddin' instead.

it was the first really good off-roading we've done in our Subaru. it did FANTASTIC! I got video, but I've misplaced it :( Leo slept the whole time. it wasn't as smooth as driving down the road, but it was pretty good for going over 1ft deep ruts in the mud! didn't get stuck, and didn't really have any problems. I love that it's a really smooth and comfortable ride for everyday, and that we can just pull off the road and haul through the mud :) what I also love, because we bought it at Subaru of Plano we get free car washes for life :D so, after wearing the badge for a few days I took it in and they cleaned it all up for me. very awesome! luckily it's gonna be wet again this weekend so we can do it all over again O:)

advent calendar

I totally went in a different direction than little boxes like I was planning on doing for my advent calendar when I saw these pictures!

I found a hanging basket hidden in the lawn and garden section that I hung from my kitchen light, took some gold floral wire and wove little swirls around it, hung some fillable ornaments from ribbon with number tags on them, and loaded it down with candy, cookies and some other surprises for Matt and Leo :)

I ran out of time (I was still working on it last night!) so I just pinned the ribbon with some decorative straight pins I made a while back.

it's not quite what I had in mind, but I still like it. maybe next year I'll decorate the ornaments so they looks prettier, find better ribbon and put Velcro or some other closure on them, and have a better design of how they hang. they look sorta jumbled to me, but I was trying to make them look random... I dunno. it was fun to make and it'll be fun to eat on all month long!