Saturday, October 31, 2009

Galaxy Drive-In

went and saw The Stepfather and Zombieland at the drive-in last night. played some mini golf while we waited for it to get dark. Matt won first game, I kicked butt 2nd game ;)
a kitty ran over not long after we started playing to join in. he must have been trained by the staff to swat the ball away when it's going right for the hole, because I swear I coulda had at least one hole-in-one if not for him.
working the kitty obstacle into the challenge of the game helped kill some time before the movie, so it's all good. that, and snacking on the concessions. gotta love fried food and cotton candy - my tongue was still purple after brushing my teeth 3 times.

Friday, October 30, 2009

souvenirs with a hint of Galveston

we got back from vacation last week and I just now put together the craft that I beach combed for to give away when I got back.

mom and I usually go look through the gift shops for ideas to craft while we're there. we didn't complete a project this time.
actually... I don't think I ever do! there's always finish work to do when I get home. I have yet to complete my shell wreath from 2007. maybe I will after Christmas ;)

most of the shops on the seawall are gone, but there are still stores on the Strand. I stole this idea from two of them.
a nicer store used the lid part as just a paperweight to set out like a snow globe without water, and another wrapped hemp around the top of a candle and attached a shell to the hemp.
along with the shells and sand I picked up off the beach, I decided to fill my thrift store finds with bath salts and a votive candle.
I layered Eucalyptus and Spearmint bath salt with Peaceful Orchard bath beads (which looked more like crushed up bath salts than beads... but whatever) and the votive is French Lavender Vanilla.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrift Store

I went after work, and this is what I found:

Anchor Hocking glass containers - $5 for all 3 two had this label inside with drawn examples of what can be stored in them. looks to me like (left to right) almonds, gum drops, corn kernels, colored cotton balls and cigarettes?the drawings look 70's to me. I can't imagine holding on to craft supplies for 30 years and then just giving away untouched. one did have some Christmas tree stickers on them, though.
along with jars, I've been on a picture frame kick as well. this was only 99¢, so I figured why not?
this ornament was only 45¢it's so cute, I'm going to rip it off and make my own out of polymer clay O:) sorry Hallmark.
and this was my favorite find of the day - $6
it's in great shape - not sure why it was given away, but whoever you are, thank you for tossing it so I could buy it so cheap :)

the drive home

after work it started raining... again. I figured when I was almost home, I'd do the safest thing in the world and video some of it ;) it's nothing great, but to think that I was watching the road through a small video screen in the rain is kinda scary O:) that, and I kept getting distracted by the "magic rubber pencil" trick my wipers were doing through the camera.
it doesn't show too well in the video, but the rain was coming down kind hard.

this is sorta too small to see all the cool details that this effect picked up when I tricked it up in Windows Movie Maker. I gave it a watercolor effect. oh well.
I love that program... probably because it's so new to me. I'm sure everyone else hates it by now, but it does what I want, so I'm giving it kudos until I'm too advanced for it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this is not my cup of tea

it's my grandmothers. and yes, it has an ice cube in it... it's iced tea. I don't much care for hot tea. warm tea is alright, but it has to be in a glass, not a cup, and it HAS to be sweet.

I got 4 sets of luncheon plates and cups from the back of my mom's kitchen cabinet. I usually use the cups for my Parisian Warm Chocolate around this time of year. it's so rich and a small cup like this is perfect for it.

  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 5oz semi sweet chocolate, chopped

simmer the milk, cream, and sugar together until just bubbling. stir in the chocolate until melted - do not boil.

I throw a handful of marshmallows in the bottom of a cup and pour the hot cocoa on top. you can also top with whip cream (yes... on top of the marshmallows. use both. it's good.) and then add chocolate sprinkles. it's terribly yum-o.