Friday, October 30, 2009

souvenirs with a hint of Galveston

we got back from vacation last week and I just now put together the craft that I beach combed for to give away when I got back.

mom and I usually go look through the gift shops for ideas to craft while we're there. we didn't complete a project this time.
actually... I don't think I ever do! there's always finish work to do when I get home. I have yet to complete my shell wreath from 2007. maybe I will after Christmas ;)

most of the shops on the seawall are gone, but there are still stores on the Strand. I stole this idea from two of them.
a nicer store used the lid part as just a paperweight to set out like a snow globe without water, and another wrapped hemp around the top of a candle and attached a shell to the hemp.
along with the shells and sand I picked up off the beach, I decided to fill my thrift store finds with bath salts and a votive candle.
I layered Eucalyptus and Spearmint bath salt with Peaceful Orchard bath beads (which looked more like crushed up bath salts than beads... but whatever) and the votive is French Lavender Vanilla.

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