Thursday, October 29, 2009

the drive home

after work it started raining... again. I figured when I was almost home, I'd do the safest thing in the world and video some of it ;) it's nothing great, but to think that I was watching the road through a small video screen in the rain is kinda scary O:) that, and I kept getting distracted by the "magic rubber pencil" trick my wipers were doing through the camera.
it doesn't show too well in the video, but the rain was coming down kind hard.

this is sorta too small to see all the cool details that this effect picked up when I tricked it up in Windows Movie Maker. I gave it a watercolor effect. oh well.
I love that program... probably because it's so new to me. I'm sure everyone else hates it by now, but it does what I want, so I'm giving it kudos until I'm too advanced for it.

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