Monday, August 30, 2010

26 to 30

I'm so ready for this part to be over! 10 weeks seems like such a long wait right now. I've only gained 25 lbs so far and still no stretch marks :D hopefully getting back to normal won't be too difficult when this is over.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

the nursery

now that the walls are painted I finally hung up my picture collage.the other wall seemed a bit bare so I did a big tree in the middle of it.I used a dark wood grain contact paper so I wasn't committing to painting the wall if I didn't like it.
we'll see how long it stays up!
finally hung some curtains, too - love the blue.
it's just 2 $3 twin flat sheets from Wal-Mart.
I got cafe rings from Hobby Lobby and threw up a curtain rod and she's done.
Matt made me some shelves for diapers. I love how they turned out.
worked out to be around $5 a shelf, too, which is awesome.
later they can be used for CD or video game storage.
still deciding if I want to do a mobile over the crib.
I'm worried it'll be too much with the pictures now, but the animals I found at Ikea are just too cute to not do something with :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shower gifts

shower gifts for Chelle :)
I did some searching online and found the cutest stuff to make.
the "cupcakes" turned out better than I thought they would. I just rolled up some onesies and put little felt hair clips on top inside a cupcake box. I guess it's kinda hard to go wrong with such a simple idea.
the washcloth rose bouquet was even easier. the paper really makes it, I think.
the baby bunny was the least simple of the 3, but probably the most fun to see come together :)
mine came out skinnier and longer, but I like it.
like the bouquet, I think the print on the fabric made all the difference, but the embroidery makes it pop for sure.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

birthday card re-do

a shark in a sailor's hat + a speech bubble + Philip Seymour Hoffman + a cartoon pickle + Clint Eastwood = off-the-wall funny birthday card for my brother :D

when I saw the sailor shark a conversation went through my head and I decided to create it on the inside of the card. yes, I see the typo... so sad :(

as funny as that was (to me) I wasn't sure how to bring the card to a close - so Mr. Eastwood it was.

I can't wait to give it away :D

Monday, August 2, 2010


I recently purchased an "iridescent ball" (that's what the box said) and a glow-in-the-dark silicone watch from - and they finally arrived today! it's probably the fastest I've received anything from them - 23 days. after all, I assume it's coming via little Chinese kids using the Hands-Across-America method, so that's really not bad! ;)

my favorite part about the watch is on the face between the hour and minutes where it flashes "HELLO" over and over :P I guess sorta like a seconds ticker so you know you're out of the settings mode and it's now keeping time? so far it's doing its job to keep accurate time, but it's only been about 3 or so hours so we'll see.

the ball is pretty much what all the user reviews said, so good job to those people.
I'm going to wire it so it doesn't take batteries (can't be buying those all the time) and hang it over Leo's crib for a nightlight/mobile.

the "instructions" on the box says "can be played in the darkness 7 dim light make more fun of your life." gotta love when things get lost in translation!