Thursday, August 5, 2010

birthday card re-do

a shark in a sailor's hat + a speech bubble + Philip Seymour Hoffman + a cartoon pickle + Clint Eastwood = off-the-wall funny birthday card for my brother :D

when I saw the sailor shark a conversation went through my head and I decided to create it on the inside of the card. yes, I see the typo... so sad :(

as funny as that was (to me) I wasn't sure how to bring the card to a close - so Mr. Eastwood it was.

I can't wait to give it away :D


Brad said...

I like it. Did you just glue the pickle and Hoffman and speech balloons on?

candice said...

thanks :) no, I did that on the outside, but I totally redid the inside. I scanned the inside of the original so I still had the blue bubble background to work with, then I arranged everything in Power Point (I have NEVER used that program the way it's supposed to be used!) and printed it off to attach in the card so it was all one piece... minus Clint. I put him down between the original card and what I printed off.