Thursday, January 17, 2013

baby Jack

he's finally here :)  Jack just couldn't wait for Monday to be induced, so I wasn't able to have my doctor there for the delivery, but it was alright.  I was glad for it to be done and over with and home before Monday!
1/11/13 3:40pm
8lbs. 15oz. 21in.
my posts will be put on hold until I come up with some time to do something other than feed, change, and sleep!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

on his way

    I was worried I wouldn't get Jack's room or other projects done in time, but I was able to accomplish the things I wanted to do after all!  now we're just waiting...
    I finished up my basketweave blanket - something I really wanted to have in the hospital.  I love the color and texture.  it's a nice and simple pattern and I would definitely crochet another one.
    we all got sick right after Christmas so I had time to work on it while laying around for days - what an awful time to be so sick :(  worst. holidays. ever.  at least I was kinda productive while I wasn't able to do anything?
    I updated the old nursery walls with some contact paper stripes and jackalope cut outs, as well as some new frames for the wall above the crib with antler letters in them.
    I cut wood grain contact paper down to 2' sections to make it easier to put up, and did dovetails to join them together with the grain going in opposite directions for contrast.  I really like that detail :)
    I didn't sew any bedding this time and just bought new sheets, bumper, and blanket from Target.  I used the same crib skirt, and found the stuffed jackalope online.
    I put up a floating shelf for when Jack's big enough to get into things and we need to keep stuff out of reach.  we got the shelf unit when it was Leo's room, but he regularly emptied the shelves and we lost a lot of books (or rather, pages of books) because of it.  it'll hold things like stuffed animals, blankets and burp cloths until he doesn't need it, then maybe I'll take it for myself  O:)
    I really like the lamp I found (maybe I can have this too when Jack's done with it!) and added a "hidden" jackalope crest inside the shade.
    I got a little pop gun to put on the wall above the changing table.  I think that was one of the hardest things to find!  World Market - who would have thought??
    we're all so excited to meet Jack and I can't wait to bring him home to his new room!

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    pilled fleece

    I was given a ton of hand-me-down clothes for my boys.  as I was going through them all I came across a cute little fleece pull-over.  I was gonna toss it aside because it looked pretty well worn with all the pilling, but I thought I'd try to see if I could un-pill it.
    I took a lint brush I got from the .99 Store and brushed the fabric until it was soft again.  some spots that were a little worse (the under sides of the sleeves and armpits) I used the hook side of velcro that was on the back of the brush.  after a washing it looked a little pilled again but it was still soft and it wasn't nearly as bad as it started out.  I gave it another once over with the brush and it softened back up quicker this time.
    I doubt I would do this every time I wash it, but maybe for going out I'd give it a brush again to freshen it up.

    Thursday, January 3, 2013

    sound ornament

    I was going to try and make an ornament for the grandparents this year with Leo's prints or something on it, but I just didn't have the time.  I did happen to see this post a couple of days before Christmas and thought I might be able to tackle it in time - which I did, just didn't get pictures of them all!
    I grabbed some fabric ornaments from Target and voice recording devices from Build-A-Bear.  Leo wasn't cooperative when it came to getting him to say something, but I managed to get them done Christmas Eve.  it's not fun if you're not cutting it close, right?? :\
    we'll see how well it holds up in storage and I might try again next year when he's more likely to say more things and possibly on command!