Monday, January 7, 2013

pilled fleece

I was given a ton of hand-me-down clothes for my boys.  as I was going through them all I came across a cute little fleece pull-over.  I was gonna toss it aside because it looked pretty well worn with all the pilling, but I thought I'd try to see if I could un-pill it.
I took a lint brush I got from the .99 Store and brushed the fabric until it was soft again.  some spots that were a little worse (the under sides of the sleeves and armpits) I used the hook side of velcro that was on the back of the brush.  after a washing it looked a little pilled again but it was still soft and it wasn't nearly as bad as it started out.  I gave it another once over with the brush and it softened back up quicker this time.
I doubt I would do this every time I wash it, but maybe for going out I'd give it a brush again to freshen it up.

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