Thursday, December 17, 2009

lil jar pincushion

I saw a canning jar pincushion a while back and have been wanting to make one, but I don't have cute small mason jars.
so I used a pimento jar and poked holes in the lid to stitch the cushion to like a button.
similar to a baby food jar pincushion, just sewn on instead of only relying on the glue - and I like the little tufted part in the middle. the ring is a needle rest made from spandex and a ring blank with a bead cap I flattened out on the bottom.the pins are made from a #6 disposable plastic casserole lid I colored with pencils and cut out and melted onto regular straight pins via candle flame so I could shape them and to get that round look from over-heating the plastic without killing myself trying to do this in the oven.


Debi said...

I absolutely adore your shaped pins! I'll have to give that a try next time.

kiddo said...

How cute! I love it!