Wednesday, December 2, 2009

knit slippers

my mom mentioned she'd like some slippers like ones I'd knit myself a long time ago.

I don't remember how I did them, so once again, going from no pattern other than my foot - don't ask how I did them 'cause I dunno ;) - I whipped these up.

I used 4 strands of a natural bamboo yarn. I think I like it and would probably use it again.
even made the buttons from polymer clay and metal buttons I found in my craft closet.


kiddo said...

Very cute!

candice said...

thanks, Kiddo :)

chris said...

These remind me of the slippers my mom made me when i was little - she made them out of red washcloths, and lined them with fabric left over from a night gown she made me - I thought they were pretty cool! I really like these - and appreciate all the thought you put into your crafts - you are so precious!!!