Monday, June 6, 2011

this past weekend

for my birthday I asked Matt to get me a dapping block... and he did :) I found a small wood one at Hobby Lobby for $8.
I have a container full of bottle caps I've collected from the various soda we've tried (there's a place where you can buy it by the bottle and make your own variety 6-pack.. it's pretty cool) so I cut a couple down into small circles and domed them with my new block and made me some rings like these :)
the bike one is from my last birthday, I think. my in-laws brought over some beer for our last backyard movie night, so that's the only place I can think I got it from! I love the colors, though.

and speaking of birthdays and movie nights...
I wanted to do another backyard movie - this year it was ghostbusters! I haven't seen that in sooo long. it was a lot of fun :) I made Ecto Cooler punch from a recipe I found online.

the drink was a hit! I even did the little Slimer picks like the girls did in their video. I also made a trap out of a shoe box and put a push light in it, and drew ghosts on balloons and put them around the house.
I can't wait until Leo is old enough for themed parties! until then, I guess I'll get them :P

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