Thursday, March 31, 2011


I will be posting more crafts I've done these past few weeks later on, but they're all Mother's Day gifts so I can't put them up yet! so I'll try to catch up with some other stuff to make up for it.

today during nap time I didn't get to make anything fun, but I did make something. baby food. I was buying jarred food for .46 for 4oz. I never thought to make it myself because I figured there was too much involved, but basically ya just mash it up any way ya can so they can eat it. someone told me they were saving quite a bit making their own so I thought I'd give it a go.
I started with carrots and sweet potatoes. boiled the carrots and baked the sweet potatoes, then after they were cooked just threw them into the blender and stuck them in my collection of baby food jars and put them in the freezer. carrots came out to .19 for 4oz - was happy about that :) sweet potatoes were .25 - little less enthusiastic about that since I had to spend so much time and electricity making them.
anyway, today I tackled squash.

the instructions for baking the butternut squash were right on the label, so I did what it said (minus the brown sugar and cinnamon at the end) and pre-heated my oven to 400°F.
I lined a pan with foil so I didn't have to wash it later O:) and I wasn't sure how much of a mess it'd make in the pan sticky-wise.

cut the squash in half.

scooped out the seeds.

laid them cut side down on the pan and baked for 30-45 minutes.
(mine could have gone another 15 minutes or so.)

the dark spots on the outside were where the hollow spots were - thought that was interesting.

scraped the flesh with a fork.

scooped out and put in the blender.

blended until it was as smooth as I wanted.

I filled jars cause that's what I had (I boiled them before I re-used them) and left a little room in the top for expansion in the freezer.

made (6) 4oz jars.
I was hoping for more since I paid $3 for the squash and that's about what I would have paid for 6 jars from the store.... but oh well.


Elizabeth said...

Very cool! I love making Audrey's food, not sure why I enjoy it so much. I haven't tried to calculate what I'm saving, but it probably isn't that much. I made squash this week too! Have you looked at They have some good advice on how to cook different foods and even some recipes for as the baby gets older. I like it!

candice said...

I wouldn't say I love making his food (I don't much like being in the kitchen!) but I'm sure he likes the food I'm making him more than the crap they sell at the store, and I'm willing to eat what I make so I'm happier about giving it to him than the stuff I didn't even want to try before O:) I haven't checked out any sites on this yet, but I did see something about steaming instead of boiling to keep more of the nutrients in, so I'll do that next time. and, no, I haven't thought about recipes yet, but I bet he would eventually like something other than straight up veggies! he's just such a BIG eater I dunno how I'm gonna keep up with a variety of things for him. he'll eat maybe 12oz of food a day - and I think I'm already going to have to get him going on lunch, too. he just eats so well that I just keep shoveling it in O:)