Monday, March 19, 2012

knit socks

I tried to knit some boot cuffs, but only made it through one before I decided I wanted full socks instead so I wasn't always having to situate them while wearing them.

it's kinda hard to find tall socks for boots, so I've been using men's socks and folding down over-the-knee socks. then I stumbled across these videos for knitting socks by Very Pink Knits.

I was always so intimidated with a knitting project that involves shaping until I saw these! she shows exactly what ya hafta do - so helpful! when I see a knitting pattern I get lost looking at K1, P2, K2T, SSK, PSSO, R2D2... I just give up before I attempt it, but now that I've seen it done I'm inspired to knit some for next fall.

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