Thursday, August 14, 2014

crochet slippers

yeah... it's WAY too hot for slippers right now, but I've been thinking about fall to take myself to a cooler place this summer, so I made these slippers for my mom (surprise, mom!).  I think they came out pretty cute for just kinda winging it :)  I took inspiration from these slippers on Etsy from daisychain - I love the big buttons and contrasting colors she uses.
here is a basic slipper pattern from 2 create in color.  I did mine in single crochet and I did rounds instead of a going in a spiral around the toe, but the shape and construction is the same as all other basic crochet slippers.  I used Red Heart Soft in Sea Foam, with a 4.25 mm hook which gives it a more dense feeling.

make a magic ring
round 1:  ch 2, 9 dc into magic ring, sl st to join, pull ring tight - 10 sts
round 2:  ch 1, 2 sc into each st around, sl st to join - 20 sts
round 3:  ch 1, sc increase into every other st around, sl st. to join - 30 sts
(make more increase rounds to accommodate the width of your foot.)
round 4:  ch 1, sc into each st around, sl st to join - 30 sts (or maintain the amount of sts you have after you finish the increase rounds)
repeat round 4 until you have the toe of your slipper as long as you want minus 1/2" for the edging.

sides and sole:
row 1:  ch 1, sc into each st across, leaving the last sts un-worked for the opening across the top of the foot (I left about 2"), ch 1 and turn.
row 2:  sc into each st across, ch 1 and turn.
repeat row 2 until you reach your heel - you will want this to be a little snug so it doesn't slip off your heel, but not pulled so tight it cramps your toes.
sl st the heel closed and turn right side out.

round 1:  attach yarn at the center of the top of the foot, ch 1, sc around the edge, sl st to join.
round 2:  ch 1, sc until you reach the side of the slipper, then sc2tog every other st until you reach the toe again, then sc to the end and sl st to join.

toe strap:
while standing, measure from the ground at the ball of your foot to where you want your button to go on the top and make a chain that length.
row 1:  ch 2, hdc into each st across, hdc 4 more times into the last ch, and hdc down the other side of the ch, ch 2 and turn.
row 2:  hdc into each st, and 2 hdc into each of the 5 sts on the center of the curve, then hdc into each st back down the other side, ch 1 and turn.
row 3:  sc into each st, and 2 sc into each of the 6 sts on the center of the curve, then sc unto each st back down the other side.
row 4:  change colors (optional), ch 1, sc into each st around.
attach strap to the slipper and sew on button.  this is easiest to measure while the slipper is on.

I felt like the large button was a very important element, so I had to give the illusion of a bigger button by making a crochet circle to frame the smaller buttons I had.  this was done the same as the very beginning of the slipper, but I squeezed 13 double crochets into the ring instead of only 10 to make a little crochet disc that I could nest the buttons into.
only 3 hot months left before it's time to cover up chilly feet.... yes, you have plenty of time to make yourself a pair ;)

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Chris Savage said...

I love these!! Thank you so much!!