Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been looking at bunny drawings online that talented people are able to do and doodling my own crappy versions of them in jackalope form.

I finally came up with a stencil I liked, but even ended up making him more simple than this in the end.
I used shelf liner paper and drew on it with a fat sharpie, then cut all the black lines out and stenciled it on some felt - I think it came out well :) I'm starting to lose some of the sticky on the stencil, but it seems to still work well even if it's not completely stuck down to the fabric.
this is the first stencil I've done completely by hand - if I do any drawing by hand, I usually sketch something pretty crummy and then tweak the crap out of it in paint and photo programs until it looks decent - only thing I did on the computer for this was steal ideas from other peoples bunnies O:)


chris said...

I like the experession on the 2nd one - looks like he is saying "is this what you thought I should look like?" or "Do I have to wear these antlers"?

Debi said...


Liner paper? Do tell more.

Debi said...

My captcha for the comment above was "flopc" ....great for a bunny post, don't you think?

Debi said...

Odessa, Texas, where I live, is home of the jackalope rodeo. Only we don't have them any more, that was back in the Wild West days. Now, though, we have jackalope statues all over town. Just thought I'd share. I should post some pictures on my blog sometime. Although yours are wayyyy cuter.

candice said...

aww, thanks :) I'd love to see your pics of them :D