Wednesday, May 19, 2010

11 to 15

looking back at the weekly pictures they sorta look out of order.
it's so weird how much I shrink and grow from day to day.
so far no stretch marks, though... knock on wood!


Sugar's Dream and RL said...

This is really awesome, use coco butter lotion on your belly to help prevent some stretch marks. Hows the nursery coming along? :)

candice said...

got my first bottle the other day - we'll see how many miles 32oz gets me.

I haven't done much except look at things I wanna do - I'll find out what the baby is 2nd week of June and then I'll really get crackin'!

Debi said...

I'm sure you've heard it before, but babies (and later toddlers, later children, later young people, then adults, then blessed grandchildren) are worth stretch marks and more. Do notice, however, that I skipped teens! ;)

These photos are adorable. You look very healthy and happy.