Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wall decor

I was looking online for inspiration for my nursery walls. I thought I'd paint something cute on the walls, but I'm now leaning towards just going solid and putting up pictures and stuff. I definitely want a cool clock, and I found some pretty cool stuff I wanna try. just gotta narrow it down to one!

I like the feel of all the different sized frames together.
I thought this was really neat. I like how they don't match, but still go together as a whole.

I love that this uses pictures and functions as a clock. I think I'd put pictures of animals in the frames, or try doing the numbers like the letters above.
this would be too cute with a stack of children's books.

might be more of something I'd like for my garage, but I thought this idea was really cool.


fierygiraffe said...

I love all these ideas, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green color on the wall in the first picture.

candice said...

it's the green I wanted to use, but when we put a swatch on the wall it was really dark :\ hafta work out the bugs with the shade, but I'm sure we'll end up goin' green.

Chris said...

These are great - love your sense of style - animals pics in frames would be so cute - especially if we get a little Leo! Just think how even more creative you are going to become - pregnancy can do that to you!!