Monday, April 11, 2011


gonna try and grow some sweet potatoes this year. I read they do best when it's hot... so if I can't make them work I'm gonna just chop my brown thumbs off and be done with trying to make things grow!my potatoes tend to sprout when I don't want them to in my pantry or just sitting on top of the fridge, but I thought I'd see if the water method was any faster. guess I should have done half of these the other way to see for sure... oh well!
I cut them in half and shoved tooth picks in the tops so they'd hang in the glass of water. they should start sprouting on top and then I can pull the sprouts off and put them back in the water until roots grow to make slips that can then be planted.
supposedly, they'll just take over... I'll be happy if I get 3 small ones back to replace the ones I used here!

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