Monday, July 18, 2011

bag for Hailey :)

I made a doodle painted purse for my friend's birthday. I got a regular black canvas tote from Hobby Lobby (on sale for half off :D) and some silver dimensional paint.
I cut the tote down a few inches from the top and gave it a new hem, then painted my doodles on it and added grommets for the handles on the front and back to attach chains to.
I found one of those small Zip It bags in the clearance section for $4! I removed the handle it came with cause I wanted to use it as a make-up type bag (since there's no pocket in the bag itself) and reused the part I cut off as the top part of the purse handle to tie the look of the bag to the tote. I attached D rings to the zipper part of the handle, added chain to it, then split rings at the other end to put through the grommets.

I think it came out pretty well and I was sad to give it away! but that's the perks to being able to make stuff yourself... you can do it all again! and I already have 3 more totes waiting to be done over :)


Elizabeth said...

That is amazing! That "doodle" is beautiful, and you are so talented! Lucky Hailey!

candice said...

thanks :) my sister-in-law did some Three Amigos costumes for halloween last year and I helped with the puff paint part - it wet my appetite for some more painting :) it's so easy to do and it's really hard to mess up when doodling!