Tuesday, July 26, 2011

9 months

Leo went for his 9 months checkup today. the doctor said - and I quote - he's a perfect baby. I knew it!! ;) his weight, length and head are all going right along the curve of the chart as if his growth pattern is the one they based it on. she said that doesn't usually happen and it can be all over the place. she seemed kinda excited and was all smiles about his development. she ended the visit with "keep doing what you're doing" - you mean going along blindly? can do! ;)


Elizabeth said...

Perfect baby! He looks it. :) Love that picture of him and Matt. Perfect shot!

candice said...

he was getting so upset that I was making him stand up against the wall - he was kinda stuck there since he's only good at leaning right now! Matt came home and was trying to help make him smile for me, but he ended up clinging to Matt and we totally lost the wall shot. Matt started throwing him up in the air to cheer him up and I go this shot instead :) we think it looks like he jumped or someone threw him off the roof, so it makes us laugh :P

Elizabeth said...

haha, it does kind of look like he superman jumped or something! He doesn't look mad to me in the wall photo either, they are all great shots. :)