Sunday, August 7, 2011


I've always painted my toenails. it's very rare for me to not have polish on them. I hardly ever paint my finger nails, though. looks odd to me for some reason to have colored nails. I've been doing a lot of clear lately, though. but I've tired of the same old polish I have in my Kaboodle - yup, I still use mine from 1990! I saw a bottle of yellow at the Dollar Tree the other day and just had to get it. I can only do certain colors - blues and purple mainly - yellow is NOT a color that looks good on my feet :( what's funny, though... all the Googling I do on yellow nail polish is appealing to me, and it doesn't look different on me (the color I got is like this one), but for some reason I don't like it when it's on :\ might just need some getting used to.

then I just Googled nail polish videos to see if I could get an idea for something new to do. someone was mixing together their own glow in the dark polish - what a great idea! so I Googled the glow in the dark powder... jeez! it's expensive. being that it's not Halloween it's a little harder to find glow in the dark nail polish, but Deal Extreme had some! so I ordered that. it had one good review (by a girl) and a bad one (by a guy).. so we'll see how it goes... in 5-16 weeks! only drawback to Deal Extreme :(

so while I wait, I thought I'd try this other nail technique for transferring news print to your nails. it looked really cute, so I hope it works for me!

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