Tuesday, August 23, 2011

gettin' up there

ten months

when I need a good milestone picture with a smile I can't get one, but when his clothes are messy or the background or lighting is crummy he gives it all he's got! it's okay. these will remind me that he wouldn't look up because he was so curious of the things around him when he was outside. he had his first taste of mulch... and liked it. silly boy. we watched a dragonfly circle us for a while. pulled some weeds. listened to the cars go by and the dogs play. then got hot and fussy and decided to get a bath.

Leo's been taking his baths in the backyard lately. he's always done well with them and seems to enjoy himself inside or outside, but he can make as big a mess as he wants outside and I can just leave it... which is nice! probably have a few more months left to do it this way.

he gets a little too excited and I have to make sure to stay out of the splash zone. he's figured out what I'm doing, though, and tries harder to get me when I move away. or so it seems ;)

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