Thursday, November 3, 2011

nutcracker 2011

as I was starting on my mom's nutcracker for this Christmas, I realized I never posted any pics of the one I did last year... and I remember why! I forgot to take the final pics!!! so, when my mom pulls all her Christmas stuff out I'll get a picture of it.
this year I'm doing 6 nutcrackers! but they're not really nutcrackers (not that nutcracker soldiers are really nutcrackers either...) they're nesting nutcracker soldiers. I wanted to do something like these.
I got the raw wood nesting dolls from Hobby Lobby - used a 40% off coupon and got them for less than $5. ya get what ya pay for. I had to do some sanding on them so they opened smoothly, the outsides were nice and flush at the seams, and most importantly that they fit inside each other once they had layers of paint on them. what's the point if they don't nest?
I did some sketching to get an idea of how to paint them
marked and drilled holes in the body of the main one to attach the arms that I made from dowel and pegsmade a nose and crown from polymer clay
painted the details and sprayed them all with a clear coat
added the rabbit fur for the hair and beard, glued the arms on and sanded down the dowel on the inside of the body
I'm happy with how they came out :)

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