Thursday, May 31, 2012

flip flop fix

if he's not wearing them out, he's outgrowing them - it's so hard to keep Leo in shoes!  I was glad for sandal weather until I saw how much little flip flops are - jeez!  he's in that perfect size that either everyone else is also and they're all gone, or they're more than I'm willing to pay for a month or so's worth of wearing.  I happened to find his size at Old Navy (not in the colors I wanted but still cute), and though they don't cost much, I don't want him to wear them out with everyday use.  I went to the dollar store and found the smallest size I could (which was 8, but they're not that much bigger than what he wears) and added a head band to the backs to keep them on.  now he can wear these out in the backyard and to the park and save his nicer looking ones when we  go out to lunch or shopping.


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