Thursday, June 21, 2012

from Leo

for Father's Day I searched online for ideas of what to do for Matt from Leo and ended up on this blog.  I loved the hand card idea and on the same post was a painted canvas - I stole used both ideas O:)
I traced Leo's left hand and used the template a bunch of times to make a few more cards to give to his Pawpaw and Papaw.
I got a canvas for Matt (that I painted turquoise) and a wood plaque thing for my dad (purple - his favorite color) and we just went layer by layer with different colors.  I tried getting Leo to paint in different spots, but he liked the middle the best.  I was getting disappointed in Matt's so to save it I decided it needed a hand print, which Matt loved.  we still haven't hung it yet, but there's a lot of things around the house that have been waiting to be done so it's just another thing to add to the list!

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