Thursday, August 9, 2012

pancake doughnuts

I got Leo hooked on pancakes for breakfast a little while back.  it's always been one of my favorite breakfast meals, so I don't mind that much right now!  I was making them every morning for about a week and decided to make extra and freeze them instead.  I've never had much luck with pancakes holding their shape when re-heated, and Leo was super frustrated when they fell apart and didn't stay on the fork.  my mom used to have a sandwich maker that we'd make pancakes in and they were less flimsy than flat pancakes, so I thought I'd give the mini doughnut maker a try and see if that would work the same.

I like using the Hungry Jack extra light and fluffy mix that just needs water - super convenient!  I pretty much eyeball the water to mix ratio and they always turn out just fine. I found a clear condiment squirt bottle that works great to fill the mini doughnut maker without drips and wasted globs.  they're so much easier for Leo to eat and I think they have a better flavor after being frozen and re-heated than regular pancakes do.
I make as many as I can stand to do at one time and freeze them in baggies.  makes a quick breakfast for Leo that he will rarely turn down, and if I'm feeling like pancakes but not the mess of making them I can steal a few for myself as well!

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