Thursday, September 20, 2012

simple necklace

I found some bezels with sticky epoxy domes at Michael's - pack of two for $4 - and thought it'd work great for putting Jack's sonogram profile picture in :)
it came to me that I could use sticker paper and not have to mess with glue and worrying about it soaking through the back of the paper and mucking up the ink when I tried to put it into the bezel, so I pulled out my folder of crap that I save to see if I had any sticker paper.
I had a couple of packing slips from old diaper deliveries that had a mostly blank adhesive label on them, so I measured out where that spot was on the paper and how big it was, and sized two of my pictures of Jack in to that area and printed them out.
I pressed the epoxy sticker onto the sticker paper and cut around it.
 then all I had to do was peel the back off the sticker paper, press it into the bezel, and put it on a chain.
I love how it came out and I can't wait to see his little button nose in person :)

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