Thursday, September 11, 2014

there's no crying is baseball

Leo is in his first Pee Wee Tee-Ball league.  he was so excited about it when we signed him up - he told me about it almost everyday.  he had two practices before the game and did so much better than I thought he would... for the first one.  then when it was time to go to practice again he was not on board.  he cried the whole time :(  then the next day at the game he screamed "I don't want to play!" for about 30 minutes straight.  we decided to leave early and spare everyone else there from listening to him cry for the next hour.
he told us all weekend after the game that he didn't want to play in the next game and that he just wanted to watch.  we said okay, but that he had to go.  there was no fit throwing, so that was a start.  Matt was able to get him to sit in the dugout and be quiet, then he agreed to toss the ball a little before the game, and before we knew it he was on the field and ready to play.
he got a little upset at the end when he was in the field and didn't get to catch the ball every time, but the snack in the car on the way home fixed that.  he told me he wasn't going to play again, so I guess we'll have to work on him before every practice and game!

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