Thursday, November 6, 2014

April 20th, 2015

so this is what #3 looks like at 9 weeks :)  I've been so sick and haven't felt like doing anything, so this is coming really, super-de-duper late.  I'm 16 weeks now and am finally feeling better.  it's felt like ages, but I almost feel normal now.
Dollar Tree pregnancy test - got my money's worth.
I started feeling pregnant a couple of weeks before I got a positive on a home pregnancy test, so I wasn't surprised, but it was still exciting to see the line show up.  I left it out where I knew Matt would find it, and he was thrilled - it's all he can do to not tell everyone he comes in contact with as soon as he knows we're expecting, which I know was very difficult for him while a lot of his family were in town recently.
the last, big, disgusting thing I ate before morning sickness moved in and kept anything good from entering my stomach.
food became tricky by week 4.  nothing sounded good and anything I did manage to choke down didn't sit right.  salad was alright, but not filling or satisfying at all.  I tried to eat small amounts of different things, which worked okay for a few days, then I would start craving one thing and burn myself out on it.  I never felt like I craved much with my first two pregnancies, but this time I actually, really wanted those giant pickles, and ate pickle after pickle.  I just kept shoveling them away to the point that at the end of the jar I wanted to drink the juice - this has never been appealing to me.  ever.  I did stop myself because I could only think how dehydrated I would be after!  I also tried some pickle flavored Lays... I do not recommend these.  apples seem to be my only friend right now.
I think Jack senses his role as the baby coming to an end because I've been getting more cuddles and random kisses from him.  he also wants to lay on my stomach - I didn't like that one so much when I was feeling like I was about to toss my cookies (which was all the time), but I tried to stand it as long as I could because there won't be room for him there much longer, and by the time there is room again, he might not be interested in sitting in my lap :(
I was trying not to say too much to Leo about it early on since he has such a good memory and repeats everything he hears, but now I try to talk more with him about the new baby because he understands more of what's going on than Jack does, and I'd like him to be prepared for another sibling.
stuff-wise, we are set if this is a boy, but we are totally at odds on boy name choices so I'm really hoping it's a girl this time!  we just have to wait a few more weeks to see.  luckily we're at the end of the year when the weeks just fly.
16 weeks

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