Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leo's robot party

we had Leo's birthday party this past weekend since we'll be out of town on his actual birthday.  I did a robot/space theme to go with his new room decor.
I made the invitations with inspiration from a bunch of different invitations I saw online.  I layered the backgrounds, text, and images in my Silhouette program and printed it front and back on card stock, cut out the gears and robot for the front and added foam to the backs to raise them a bit.
I put a little bit of Glossy Accents on the robot's eye and other spots to give it more dimension.
I sandwiched foil between clear contact paper and cut out some gears on my Silhouette.  I was worried how they'd do, but they came out just fine.  I strung them up with fishing line and hung them above the bar.
I made a red velvet cake to look like a robot, with doughnut arms and legs and orange Sno Ball feet.  it didn't come out like I was hoping and kept sliding, but it tasted really good.  I reinforced the back with a wall of Rice Krispie treats I made from this recipe and that kept it from falling over.  I bought the pre-made snacks and put the caramel on top, but the caramel didn't soak in like it was supposed to (maybe because they were store bought?), so I heated it all up in the oven and mixed at altogether and reshaped the treats.  I was going to dip them in chocolate, but I already had banana bread and red velvet cake pops that I dipped in chocolate, so I left them as is.
I made a robot pinata from a cereal box.  I opened up the box completely and turned it inside out so it was a solid color and I didn't have to cover up the printing.  I cut off the top flaps and covered the opening with two layers of tissue so it'd have a real good weak spot and didn't take forever to break open!  I layered fringed tissue strips all over the box, added arms and legs and some print outs I drew up, put a wire on the top to hang it with, and made sure to leave an opening to fill it with candy and some toys.
I got a small tank of helium and was able to put silver and colored balloons around the house.  I'm glad I did because that was Leo's favorite part - we had a hard time getting him away from the balloons to open gifts!
for the favors I printed off cards to fold in half and staple to the top of some clear bags filled with "sweet bytes" for the ride home after the party.  I couldn't decide on what to put in them for a while, but finally decided on Butter Pecan Meringues from World Market.  I put them in a wagon Leo had that I filled with tissue paper and candy.  this year I remembered to send everyone home with one!
when I was looking for simple favor ideas I came across a bag topper someone did that said "Domo Arigato" and thought that would be too cute for thank you cards!
I printed the front and back on card stock the same way I did the invitations and used some of the Glossy Accents again for the robot's eyes on the front.
I feel like I've been planning this for a long time, but I still didn't get to all the projects I wanted to do.  I'm happy with how it turned out anyway, and glad it's time to move onto something else!

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