Thursday, May 8, 2014

crazy quilt

I was asked to make a quilt with a bunch of random fabric for a charity sewing group I'm in, so I thought the best way to make all the fabric work together and use up as many scraps as I could was to make it totally unorganized and mismatched - I even turned some of the fabrics the wrong side up - I know, I went a little crazy on my crazy quilt!  I love how I could just throw stuff together and really didn't have to worry about anything except making straight cuts.  I even staggered the rows so I didn't have to match the blocks up O:)
I did some free motion quilting with my new darning foot and just doodled away with a multi-colored thread.  it really popped against the black sashing and really tied the blocks together.  this took a while, but it also went kinda quick because I enjoyed doing it - it passed the time, and the more I did the more inspired I was to finish.
I don't know if I could do one like this every month, but sewing for the past couple of weeks has made me want to sew some more between the crocheting I've been doing for the group.  I saw a video for quilting as you go that I really wanna try next time!

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Chris Savage said...

Its beautiful, and more amazing is you did this in a couple of weeks!