Thursday, May 1, 2014

eternal waves

I made myself some friendship bracelets (I just realized that sounds pretty sad as I was typing!) since the bracelets I made 8-9 years ago in Mexico that I'd been wearing every summer since had seen better days.
after I finished off the boys bracelets, I still wanted to make more so I tried this pattern from that looked interesting and doable.
I made one to go with a top I wore on Easter.  I thought the colors went good with the blouse, and they looked good in my head, but when I started making it I had to convince myself to continue because I wanted to abandon it partway through!  I don't know what I don't like about it, but this one just wasn't what I had in mind.  I do like the button closure (even though it's not the button I wanted to use) and the two braided, tassel-like tails that hang down were probably my favorite part.
I tried the pattern again with just one color and I liked it a lot better.  I also was able to use the button that I originally wanted to use for my first one on the second, so that worked out.  I added some beads this time to give it a little extra something.  I probably should have added more but I thought I'd just see how it went first.
the pattern comes out really cool, but I thought it was a little difficult to keep the tension the same throughout the bracelet to make sure all the outer threads looked the same, and it didn't curve to one side.  I think adding more beads to those threads might make it look better, but I'm still happy with how they came out.

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