Thursday, July 19, 2012


when we were planning for Leo we picked out his name well before he was conceived.  we did the same this time, but it was a little easier since we already had our girl name.  we're keeping with Naomi Allison for a girl, and decided on Jack Curtis for a boy.

my doctor told me at my appointment Monday that she wasn't going to do another sonogram until September :(  I don't want to wait that long to find out which name we'll get to use this time!  I also don't want an unsure answer, so I guess we'll be patient...
I've been looking a lot online for new ideas for the nursery, so it'll be nice to know which direction I'll be going in before I get too tired to mess with it.  until we find out I'll just keep collecting ideas for both so I'm ready.  we'll be moving Leo to a new big boy room soon and using his nursery for the new baby, so I don't need to change a whole lot, but I'd like to update it a bit.  I'm excited about some of the things I wanna do to it and can't wait to get started!

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Danny*Chelle*Haylie said...

Love the names and how each of them has a special meaning! can't wait to find out what it is!! -Chelle