Thursday, July 12, 2012

sun shades

Leo spotted some cute sun shades as we were standing in line at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.  he was so cute about it!  he never was interested in wearing hats or glasses before and would pull them off and throw them, but he wore these from the store to the car and long enough for me to snap a picture in his car seat...
then before we were out of the parking lot he twisted the arm and snapped it off :(  I only paid a buck so it wasn't as devastating as if he'd done that to his $6 pair, but it was a little annoying.  I glued them back, and then he did the same thing again!!  this time I decided to remove both arms and attach elastic to the frames.
I sanded the hinges flush to the frames, drilled two holes on each side to be stitched through like a button, measured Leo's head, and stitched some slightly snug elastic to either side.  I suppose I could have made it adjustable with some kind of sewing notion for that sort of stuff, but they fit with little stretch right now and if we make it through the summer (which would surprise me!) with them I'm sure they'll stretch enough to accommodate his head.

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