Monday, April 1, 2013

counting down the days

Leo has been in a spica cast since the end of February for a broken femur.  it's been hard for everyone else, so I can't imagine how bad it's been for Leo :(
he's been doing pretty good to just lay around and watch Netflix (he's getting into the older shows like Charlie Brown and Gumby), play with his trucks, draw on his Magnadoodle, and once in a while we're allowed to read him books when it's not bedtime.  he wiggles around pretty good on his belly and back to get across the floor, too.
he's becoming more attached to stuffed animals - this started when we had Jack and he'd put his bear in the swing, give it a drink from his sippy cup, and wipe it's nose - but now he almost plays with a few of his stuffed animals as much as he plays with his trucks.  I catch him talking to them sometimes - too cute!  he's named a bear that his Great-Great-Aunt Georgina gave him Baby Jack :) 
when it's nice out we take a wagon ride around the neighborhood, but that's the only place other than the house we can take him since he's not supposed to really travel much.  his car seat doesn't hold him too well and it's uncomfortable after a little while.  fortunately, he gets weekly visits from Mé, PawPaw, and Grandma.  occasionally Jack is allowed to share his pillow for a few moments.
one good thing is he's getting more verbal when he needs something since he has to rely on being able to tell us what he needs.  for the first few weeks he just screamed in frustration and we could count on a daily temper tantrum, but then they stopped and he asks "please?" or "help" to get our attention.
he's also getting pretty clever.  he learned that one of our biggest concerns is keeping his cast clean, so we asked him a lot if he was poopy in the beginning since his answer was always 'no' even if he was, then because we made such a big deal about poop he's been informing us every time he toots, and announcing "no poo poo! :) " when we check his diaper.  he even uses the frantic "POO POO!" as a way to get me too run to his aid when he needs a toy or something out of his reach when I'm preoccupied with feeding or soothing Jack and I've already told him he'll need to wait.  he's become 'The Boy Who Cried Poop', but because he's so cute I let it slide.  I'm hoping this will put him in tune with what's going on and maybe he'll be a little more ready to sit on the potty when this is over.
I've got calendars set around the house and have been marking the days until we go to get the cast off.  we have 3 days left and I hope the x-rays look good when we go in Thursday to see the Orthopedic Doctor so that this thing comes off right then and there.  Leo finally started telling us he wanted the cast off when we had 2 weeks to go so I've been counting down the days with him.  I can't wait to get him back to the park, and just out of the house!

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Chris Savage said...

I can't wait either, Sweetie - you and Matt have worked so hard and have taken such good care of both babies during this whole ordeal. I know Leo is going to be one happy camper when he gets to take off his little blue shell for good!!