Monday, June 3, 2013


I remember watching HSN when I was a kid in the 90's and seeing the Snakmaster - it looked so neat to me.. for some reason!  my mom got one and we used to put pancake mix in it.  it was fun for a little bit and then we forgot about it.  recently I've been using it and coming up with some recipes, and all our food has pretty much been triangular, but it's all good.
some things I've made are grilled cheese (Leo loves this with Ranch dressing and eats it crust and all),
leftovers quesadilla made from a tortilla and leftovers from the fridge (chicken tetrazzini, I think) and cheese,
"corn dogs" made from Jiffy cornbread batter and hotdogs,
and muffin mixes (Leo's finger in the corner waiting to snatch one).
I'll be posting some recipes I came up with soon, and I have to say, they are really good!


Crystal_619 said...

I loved my snakmaster. However I only made one thing b/c I didn't like bread when I was younger. I would fix up some taco meat, then using corn tortillas I would make little tacos. I would put cheese, mushrooms, and whatever else sounded good at the time. It was great for my after school snacks.

Max said...

Our Snakmaster has been in use since the beginning, it needed a new power cable 2 years ago but it was an easy fix. The thing is built like a tank and I doubt it will ever see the recycling bin.

Note: We never called it "Snakmaster" my mom used call it 'Patapon' the name sticked ever since.

candice said...

Luckily, I haven't had to fix anything on mine yet. I hope it lasts forever! I could never part with it, things definitely aren't built to last anymore, so I'm glad my mom held onto this one.