Monday, April 16, 2012

crochet baby slippers

seems a lot of people I know are having babies. with the exception of a few boys they're all girls. one thing I always wanted to do was make baby booties, but when I tried knitting them they just weren't as cute as the crocheted ones. now that I know how to crochet I've been making them any chance I get.

I watched it through once, paying attention to what she was doing, then I followed along. I had to pause throughout while I crocheted with her and they still worked up pretty fast.

I made a second pair following the video for the first shoe and then went by memory for the second. the yarn was a little thicker and it made a big difference in the finished size even though I used the same size hook.

the last set I did without the help of the video and I think they came together the easiest. definitely a quick gift that can be made at the last minute if I only have a few hours! but now that I have a bit of a stash I think I'm gonna keep making them so I can pull them out when I need them.

I think the matching headbands and removable/interchangeable flowers really make them a cute gift :) they also work up really quick.

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