Monday, April 9, 2012


I made bunny cookies for Easter this year with these clever edible googly eyes I saw online a while ago.

I did mine with candy melts and sprinkles instead of black pearls (not really sure where to get those) but I think next time I'll look for the pearls because the sprinkles are so small and lightweight that they stick to the candy melts I used as a base and they require a good shake to make them googly again if they sit for too long and it gets too warm. but, overall I think they're too cute!
I found a dozen favor boxes at the Dollar Tree to put the fronts and backs in and I made little tulips to put on the fronts of the boxes since they're kinda plain. I displayed them on a plastic tray and bowl I glued together for my last luncheon.

I used some clear plastic bowls to add some height to my egg platters as well.
I love how my purple deviled eggs came out, and they were so good! definitely making these again.
I made a couple of banana rolls for dessert. I always forget how much we love this, and I usually have at least 6 bananas in my freezer, so I don't know why I don't make it more often!

I decorated my swing outside with a couple of flower garlands for a place to take some family photos before the rain came.
I'm usually terrible about taking pictures when I host something, but I'm trying to be better about getting more pics of the stuff I make and the people that were there.
it was Leo's first egg hunt and he did really well. he was reluctant in the beginning but once he got the first one he was enthusiastic about finding more. we had to help by pointing them out to him, but once he saw one he'd run over and grab it and chunk it into the basket! so cute :)

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Elizabeth said...

Those cookies are the cutest! Looks like you know how to throw a creative party indeed!