Monday, April 9, 2012

a new tool in my tool belt

my mother-in-law picked up crochet recently. I always thought it looked so much harder than knitting so I had no interest in learning. anytime I saw anyone crochet I just couldn't figure out what they were doing.
I was inspired after I saw my mother-in-law take off with it to look up some how-to videos (mostly for her to watch) and it looked simple enough that I gave it a shot.

I altered this pattern (by accident) and did a slip stitch instead of single crochet, but I liked how it looked and just kept on going.

this scarf cost me less than a buck to make in materials! I bought a sweater a while ago (3 years, maybe?) from a thrift store for a dollar and I got 4 large balls of thin, chenille-like yarn from it, only one of which I used one for this scarf.

it worked up so quick that I'm very inspired to see what else I can do in crochet! :)

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