Monday, April 23, 2012

shirred dress and bloomers

I found the cutest little sandals the other day at the .99 store, so I just had to make an outfit for them! there happen to be a scarf there that sorta went and I thought would make an easy dress.
I prewashed and dried the scarf, and gave it a light press, and since the edges were already finished I didn't need to hem them!

using one of Leo's old onesies as a guide, I doubled the chest measurement, and the width of the scarf seemed like a good length so I left it as it was.

I sewed the ends together and made a tube, then started the shirring.

I started on the back seam and just spiraled down using my presser foot as a guide for the next row. when I thought it looked about right I finished the last row into the previous one, again at the back seam.

I sewed 2" strips of fabric for the straps and attached them where I thought they looked good. next time I'd sew them on before I do the shirring so it'd be easier to measure where they go.

I made the bloomers with the other half of the scarf using the diaper cover tutorial from made. I had just enough of the scarf to make it all! there really wasn't anything left.

I think it turned out really cute for a $2 outfit :)

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