Thursday, April 26, 2012

hook roll tutorial

I made this crochet hook roll from a place mat I found at World Market and some leftover bias tape I had. it was easy to do and came out exactly how I wanted.

you'll need:
- place mat
- bias tape twice as long as the width of your place mat (optional)
- sewing machine
- matching thread(s)

open up the bias tape and fold it backwards in half, sew from the middle to the folded edge only and trim the corners so it can fold back up and not be too bulky.

place the finished edge of the bias tape over the corner of the place mat and sew from that corner all the way down the length of the rest of the bias tape, finishing off the other edge by folding it under before sewing it down.
if you don't want to use bias tape, you can just stitch some ribbon to one edge of the place mat to tie it off.

fold up the bottom edge as high as you need it (I measured based on the length of my hooks), line up the edges, pin, and sew down both sides.

measure the opening between the lines stitched down the sides and divide it up how you want it for the size hooks or whatever you'll put in it.

you can mark the lines with a fabric pen or chalk. I just pinned each spot and creased the fabric line at a time with my straight edge before I sewed each one. you can also eye-ball it if you can sew a good straight line.

this one was for my mother-in-law so I'll definitely be making another for myself!

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