Monday, May 27, 2013

bracelets for my boys

it's not quite summer, but it feels so nice outside that I pulled my summer bracelets out the other day and Leo immediately wanted to know where his were.  he walked around the living room whining about it because his past 2 years of bracelets are framed up on the wall.  I had to quickly whip one up, which he got excited about, but then went back to whining because one wasn't enough.  he's so smart.
as I was making more he came over to "oooooh" and "ahhhhhhh" over my basket of embroidery floss.  he kept saying "purple!" over and over so I told him I'd make a purple one.  then he wanted blue.  and green.  and black.  and whatever other color he pulled from the pile of floss.  it's so cute how passionate he is about his summer bracelets now :)
I made Jack some, too.  my favorite is the Scarlet King snake - red on black, friend to Jack :)  I thought it was pretty clever.  maybe someday he will like them as much as Leo does his.

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