Thursday, May 16, 2013

wire bails

after making the fractured marble pendants a while back I have had so many new visitors to my blog  - thanks all you pinterest fiends ;)  over 24k views.  crazy.
when I started baking the marbles, I realized I didn't have any bails to turn them into necklaces with - whoops.  so I grabbed some wire from my stash and cranked out a few quick bails.  I thought for half a second "should I put this process in there?"  and never did because at that point I was done making them.  shoulda coulda woulda.  so, 8ish months later here is how I did them.


Beaded Granns said...

Your tutorial was fun. It showed that even if the bail didn't look good you don't have to toss it, just keep working with it until it looks the way you want it to. Good job and thank you for sharing.:-)

Shawnee B said...

This was easy to follow, very clear instructions. Thank you for sharing and teaching!