Monday, May 20, 2013


I was reading some user reviews of something on Dollar Tree's website and found this hilarious lady  - ObliviaSwan - I quite enjoyed reading her reviews :P  I Google searched her user name and couldn't find anything on her, but maybe she'll do a search for herself and find this post!
these are some of my favorites:
"This comes with a big fat lemon, two non-identical apples, a lime, a yellow washing machine agitator, a buttered-up dinner roll and I think the fuzzy greenish brown thing must be the faux. Though made of petroleum and petroleum by-product they do, as advertised, have a certain charm. They don't really make you hungry or anything else unpleasant. And they float even better than "real" fruit. Not for the tempermental."
"Uh huh, they are a tad smallish. But they are VERY realistic looking, so just hold them a little closer. They seem to get along quite well with the faux and fruit assortment. The individual grapes can be removed and then suction-stuck to your face like a mole or wart. I'm wearing several now and adding more as I type. You can too."
I think I will be on the look out for more reviews from ObliviaSwan when I need a good chuckle.

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LittleoftenAnnie said...

thought she was hilarious too. wtf. decade born in the mid 50s..