Monday, November 5, 2012

baby bump

it's hard to believe I'm in my last trimester already.  I'm tempted to say the time flew by, but when I look back at the earlier weeks I'm remembering how it seemed to drag on.  in comparison it's probably not as bad as the first time, but still no cake-walk.  the beginning seems to be the worst part for me since I tend to be sick for so long, so it's nice to be past that part and just doing the taking-it-easy and waiting part ;)
some things are a little different and some stuff is very familiar, but I'm suffering a little more this time from baby brain, and I think Matt is, too ;)  Matt actually seems to be sharing a lot of my symptoms this time around, and some that are typical of pregnancy but I'm not even having!  I had a dream he was the pregnant one - if only! ;)  11 weeks +/- to go :D


Elizabeth said...

You look great! I can't believe you are in your third trimester already. I forgot you were so close behind me. The last trimester flies by for me, hope it does for you too!

candice said...

thanks :) yeah, you're still winning, but I've only got 7 weeks left at the earliest(which is what I'm hoping for!), and I think with the holidays it will really help the time fly if I make it to 40 this time!