Monday, July 15, 2013

little orange bunny

I wanted to crochet a jackalope for Jack, so I watched some videos on the basics of Amigurumi and made up this little test bunny.  I'll definitely need to go up to a larger size when I do the next one, but this is just too cute :)  I like his big feet and head, but the little tail is my favorite part, and it helps him sit upright.
as soon as Leo saw this guy with just one ear on he wanted it, so I tried to hurry and finish it up so he could have it.  it's funny the things he gets excited about.
he followed me outside to get some pics of it before I handed it over and he roughed it up, but he was actually very gentle with it... at first.  then he started hitting the plants with it.  boys!

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Chris Savage said...

So cute!! The bunny and Leo!!